New for 2018-THREE Weeks of Classes

In 2018 we will be offering three weeks of classes.  The attendance and interest in Rugs by the Sea has been growing each year.  We are happy to add three new teachers to our slate with diverse talents.  Here is the slate for 2018:

September 9-14, Kay Leisey, Michele Micarelli, Lisanne Miller, Doug Rankin

September 16-21, Cammie Bruce, Lucille Festa, Kathy Spellacy, Diane Stoffel

September 23-28, Norma Batastini, Capri Boyle-Jones, Jen Manuel

We will have more information about the teachers and their classes in January posted here.  Our brochure will be emailed in February with the registration form.  If you are not already on our email list reply to this post and we will add you.


Over 120 rug hookers enjoyed warm breezes and sunny days while working on their current rugs.   We had special events each day to highlight our 30th year celebration.  Each Wednesday we featured a rug show and displayed about 100 finished rugs.  It was held in the lobby of the Chalfonte with its historic charm and the public was invited.  On Thursday afternoon we had a “throw down” on the front lawn of all the rugs being worked on during the week.  It was a feast for the eyes.  Below are a few of the rugs exhibited in the shows.

 FullSizeRender    FullSizeRender

Magdalena’s Goat by Evelyn Lawrence          Sandhill Crane by Carol Rhodes


Naomi’s Hudson Star by Weslee Hursh


It’s All About the Color by Elise  Roberts


White Lake, Adirondack by Lynn Volp

FullSizeRender      FullSizeRender

Hooter by Linda Woodbury (left) and Dee Rosebrock (right)

2017 Brochure

We are pleased to post our brochure for 2017.  Please read the registration materials carefully.  All classes are filled as we receive your registration based on the postmark date on the envelope.  Contact us with any questions.

Norma Batastini, nlbatastini@verizon.net

Linda Woodbury, linda.woodbury@gmail.com


Teacher Feature

Diane Stoffel

We ran into Diane in warm, sunny Florida last month at a workshop.  Diane’s rug hooking knowledge always amazes us.  She has been teaching for many years and has seen it all!  Diane started her training with some of the masters including Pearl McGown.  Her classes are lively and fast paced.  Diane will do custom dyeing for your pieces; she also brings a vast supply of hand dyed and as-is wool including textures.  She will be teaching during our second week, September 17-22, 2017. Below are a few of the rugs she has hooked over the years.


A favorite pattern “Primitive Fruit” in soft vintage colors.

FullSizeRender copy 3.jpg

Dramatic fall cornucopia with easy shading.


A pleasing color harmony in a simple mat design.  The straight row hooking in the background sets off the central medallion.


A fun Americana theme with contemporary flair.  Excellent finishing.

Teacher Feature

Chizuko Hayami

We are very excited to have Chizuko returning to Cape May this year.  She has planned a wonderful class focusing on leaves, flowers, buds and stems.  A master of William Morris inspired designs, Chizuko will expand the subject to include all types of leaves and flowers.  Students may work on any design using narrow to wide cuts.  Below is a sampling of her work.  Chizuko will join us for our second week of classes, Sept 17-22, 2017.


Close-up of Mae Morris, a McGown design inspired by William Morris.  Beautifully executed with a limited color palette for maximum effect.

dsc07201 Simple elegance in wide cut leaves.


Through the seasons…featured in Celebrations.  An original design by Chizuko featuring many types of leaves with many different hooking techniques.


Hibiscus with spot dye background.  Turnovers and buds are executed with a wide cut.  A unique fabric binding is one of Chizuko’s creative finishing techniques.


Chizuko’s three Labs.  The dogs are wonderful. The foliage background adds interest without taking away from the dogs.


Chizuko’s fun, original dragon design with a Japanese twist.


The panda was McGown project focusing on wide cut animals.  Beautiful foliage sets off the black and white of the bear.



2017 Workshop News

This is our first post of 2017.  Our plans for Rugs by the Sea in September are completed and we are happy to share some of this information with you now.  The brochure and registration will be emailed on February 18th and also posted on this blog.

Again we have two weeks of instruction.  We are pleased with our staff of new and familiar teachers from around the world.  They are experienced, imaginative and love to share their rug hooking knowledge with their students.

The first week is September 10-15 2017.  Our teachers will be Ingrid Hieronimus, Michele Micarelli, Kris Miller and Emily Silevinac.

The second week is September 17-22, 2017.  Our teachers will be Cammie Bruce, Lucille Festa, Chizuko Hayami and Diane Stoffel.

This year will be the 30th year for Rugs by the Sea.  We will celebrate each week with special events, shop bargains and door prizes.  Join us for a fun celebration!

For further information contact one of the C0-Directors:   Norma Batastini, nlbatastini@verizon.net or Linda Woodbury, linda.woodbury@gmail.com.

Introducing our new teachers:  Emily Silevinac and Ingrid Hieronimus.

Emily Silevinac, Cumberland, Maine

Emily will bring new insights to your creative style. She has been well schooled in the art of rug hooking since we first met her when she was in high school.  Now finishing her McGown certification she will share her enthusiasm, beautifully dyed wool and fresh perspective with her students.  Emily’s class will focus on inspiration and how that drives the creative process.


Beautiful  colors transform this simple design into an exceptional primitive rug.


Native American art transformed with the use of sculpting and a dramatic color plan.


A clever study of color, each quadrant demonstrates a different color harmony.


Ingrid Hieronimus, Ontario, Canada

Norma met Ingrid in 2000 when they were trainees together at a Texas McGown workshop.  Since then Ingrid has gone on to develop many interesting rug hooking techniques including creative stitches.  She has also developed the Primary Fusion dye books.  Her dyed wool will dazzle you.


Wonderfully colored leaves on an imaginative monochromatic background.


A charming “Window Garden” shows great depth and a variety of techniques.


What fun! a stylistic sheep surrounded by penny rug tongues.

We will be adding more teacher features soon.



The 2016 Brochure is ready!

Greetings from freezing cold New Jersey.  As the temperatures have plunged thoughts of Cape May in September are keeping us warm.  We are excited about our teaching staff this year with three new teachers.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  The brochure is attached below.

Cape May Brochure 2016-2

Cammie Bruce

PRIMITIVE AND A WHOLE LOT MORE:  Bring your wide cuts (#7 and up) and explore the primitive arts of Cammie Bruce.  She loves incorporating textures, plaids, as-is, and any other kind of wool you find into your own rug.  Her work with color is subtle by definitive.  Cammie enjoys playing with shapes and has created many interesting edges and borders on her rug designs.  She can help you customize your pattern edge with a unique finish.  Cammie has been teaching since 2002 and is McGown certified.  Enjoy Cammie’s rugs at primitive junky.blogspot.com.





Jon Ciemiewicz

FACES, FUR & FEATHERS: During this workshop there will be power point talks on the following subjects: faces, fur, feathers, effective use of color, adding depth by using perspective and shading, and creating realistic trees, rocks and water. Jon’s teaching style is rather laid back as he contends that we do our best work when we are relaxed. Students can bring their own pattern and wool or request that Jon create a pattern and or wool for them. He strives to create a comfortable classroom spending equal time with all students and providing an enjoyable learning experience for all. Since retirement in 2004 Jon has been spending more time at rug hooking, designing and teaching throughout the US and Canada. His work has been showcased at many exhibits and in many publications. Visit his website to see his dramatic work at http://www.anajon-rughooking.com.

DCF 1.0

finished rugs 016



Kay Leisey

WHIMSICALLY PRIMITIVE: As the owner of Homespun Woolens in Hereford, PA, Kay continues to find new ways to entertain us with her charming patterns, 3-D figures and special techniques. In this class you will see and learn about many of the details that make her work special. Consider creating a 3-D piece: Roly Poly Santas, Easter bunnies and more. Kay’s trio of stuffed sheep was featured in the Christmas issue of Early American Life 2015. Join Kay’s class and you will find beautifully dyed wool, folky creatures and delightful rug patterns to choose from. Students may also bring a pattern of their own choice. A popular teacher and vendor to all of our local guilds we are excited to have Kay join our teaching staff this year. View our blog for photos of her work.




Image 2

Michele Micarelli

SPLASH IN THE WAVES: Join Michele to explore water in many forms-think snow, beach waves, geysers and waterfalls. Her beautifully dyed wool will enhance any rug you consider and don’t forget about original design. Michele’s creativity knows no bounds so come explore her fantasy world of mermaids, dragons, peacocks, griffons and of course medieval jugglers and more. Her rug collection was featured during the opening year of the North American Museum of Rug Hooking in Nova Scotia. Michele is McGown certified and works with all styles and cuts. Visit her website for more information and inspiration at http://www.michelemicarelli.com.



Lucille Festa

ALL AMERICAN FESTIVAL: A history buff and long time antique collector, Lucille incorporates folk art and Americana images into many of her designs. Using wool plaids, checks, tweeds and herringbones, over-dyed and as is, she works to achieve soft and mellow colorations that have the look of being old but not worn. With a keen sense of color, her ultimate goal is for you to create a unique wide-cut hooked rug that is aesthetically pleasing to hand down to the next generation. Lucille’s patterns will be available in the shop and can be viewed on her website at http://www.americancountryrugs.com.




Jen Manuel

MARRAKESH EXPRESS: Taking inspiration from Moroccan Boucherouite rugs, Jen has developed simple tribal motifs that can be intentionally asymmetrical and perfectly imperfect. Using a quick paper sketch and working freestyle you will enjoy watching the design evolve as you work from one side of your rug across to the other. Jen is a master of improv hooking as demonstrated in Jumbo, her 9 x 12 rug using the “The Matrix Mat” method. Purses are also her specialty. An award winning fourth generation rug hooker, first taught by her Aunt (the late Jean Armstrong), Jen started hooking in 1999. She has been teaching over a decade in Canada, the United States and England, sharing her fresh and distinctive ideas. Visit her website to see photos of her work. http://www.fisheyesisters.ca



Kris Miller

SOFT PRIMITIVES: Join Kris to explore soft colors, subtle value changes and beautiful textures with a pattern of your choice. Kris’ two most recent publications The Grand Finale, a self-published finishing guide and Introduction to Rug Hooking, a beginner’s guide published by Rug Hooking Magazine offer fresh material she will review and demonstrate in class. Bring your own design or peruse her website to see a wide selection of patterns designed by her and other featured artists. Visit Kris’ blog to see the featured rug of the day at http://www.spruceridgestudios.blogspot.com. Always inspiring!




Diane Stoffel

NON-STOP ENERGY: In her first career Diane was an art teacher and her artistic skills have made her one of the most popular teachers in the country. She never stops moving and leads her students to beautifully crafted colorful rugs. She is comfortable working with all types of patterns and offers “tweaks” that will set your rug apart from the rest. Diane will bring a supply of wool but can also dye something special for your rug. Diane is an accredited McGown teacher and has a vast historical knowledge of who’s who in the rug hooking world.



Registration Update

The response to our 2015 brochure has been wonderful.  Our second week of classes is entirely booked.  If you are planning to register, please choose a teacher from the first week.  Spring is just around the corner.

IMG_1947 DSC00424

2015 Brochures are ready.

Greetings from blustery, cold New Jersey. We have included some photos from the workshop last September-yes it was warm and we were wearing shorts and sandals!

The brochure for 2015 is ready and can be downloaded as a pdf. To register, print the registration page and mail with your deposit. Classes are filled on a first come basis. We use the postmark date on your envelope. If you are registering from Canada, please email to let us know the date you are posting it. All checks must be in US dollars.
Cape May Brochure 2015

In coming posts we will expand on the teacher class descriptions with photos.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Norma and Linda

DSC00985Hooking on the side porch

IMG_0320Hooking on the front porch

DSC00980Thursday “Show & Tell” on the front lawn

DSC00437The cupola